High on mountain life.

Recently I went on an eight day road trip to Santa Fe, NM and Pagosa Springs, CO. We had a couple stops on the way there and the way back. It was so marvelous to be out on the open road with no real schedule or obligations. No obligations. No responsibility. That was something I really have been indulging on lately not knowing the consequence. 
If you're reading this because you googled topical steroid addiction or withdrawal, just know that too much of ANYTHING is bad. And that moderation isn't a skill we are born with either, it's a practice we must engage in daily. 

After my skin reached a level of healthiness that allowed me to go out in public and not shrivel in pain or embarrassment of a flare; I haven't stopped attaining new goals. I have had new jobs, been attending massage school, finishing up my basics at the local community college and teaching yoga at my favorite studio in Austin. But all that, all the time, every day is a lot. I wasn't giving myself enough time to totally decompress and fill back up.

I was experiencing burn out.
Common condition in our culture that is usually treated with more caffeine, pharmaceutical drugs or quitting/blaming. Lucky for me, I have about two and a half years experience of NOT checking out or quitting and healing the ultimate burn out. 

During the learning process of TSW, I learned how to care for myself. I learned the importance of relaxation for our bodies and minds. I knew it had gotten bad recently when my neck started to flare three days before the trip and I was developing a sore throat with blisters. I was finishing up a research paper for my online history class, organizing my career project for massage school, working extra shifts for money and teaching classes literally the day before I left. In a frenzy packing for the trip, I packed my planner, binder and some textbooks because I was so stuck in the pattern. Work, work, work. Accomplish, accomplish, accomplish. Succeed, succeed, succeed. 
FUCK THAT. Ugh. It took me about two days on the road to truly decompress. It was hard to remember how to calm down on a deep level. But that's what got me through TSW and it's what is going to continue to get me through life. 
We have to let go every now and then. We have to remember how to have fun and be in awe of life and be grateful. I had to stop "looking" around for something fun or relaxing on the trip and just be in wonder by all the beautiful nature and new scenery. When we can respond to life from a state of peacefulness, we realize nothing is as bad as we make it out to be. Our minds create most of our problems and they also even exacerbate our mental or physical problems. We can even begin to realize all the beauty that goes unnoticed when we fall into that pattern of busy-ness.
So driving on the road being on the go ironically reminded me to stop and slow down. 

I needed that vacation of driving far far away from home so I could come home to my body/mind/soul. 

Since my return, I have been reminded daily to >

1. NEVER stop my daily meditation practice.

2. Trust the universe. (this one is hard)

3. Have fun in life. Or perish. 

4. I still want to move to Colorado one day. As of now. 

Until next time warriors :)


The flare subsiding on day three in Santa Fe. 

The flare subsiding on day three in Santa Fe. 

Hardest hike of my life to Ice Lakes outside of Silverton, CO.

Hardest hike of my life to Ice Lakes outside of Silverton, CO.

Boyfriend. Me. Cousin/Best Friend. Her Fiancé. <3

Boyfriend. Me. Cousin/Best Friend. Her Fiancé. <3

Relatively easy hike to Treasure Falls outside Pagosa Springs.&nbsp;

Relatively easy hike to Treasure Falls outside Pagosa Springs.