walk humbly

On Monday I decided to clean up my diet, practice even more yoga and start a healing meditation. Then what happens Saturday? Boom. A fuckin flare. An oozy, hurt to stretch your neck, embarrassing red splotchy flare on my neck and cheek. It's weird too because despite the fact I was following a clean diet all week there was something in my gut that felt off. I could feel it coming, something coming. There would be moments in my silent meditation where the breath would get stuck and then I was flooded with this portentous feeling of something to come that I couldn't put my finger on. I think that since I have cleaned up my lifestyle, my intuition has grown stronger but I forget and even become resistant to spending the time to check in. 

But, if you have gathered anything from this experience or maybe just my blog then understand this; topical steroid withdrawal has no rhyme or reason 99% of the time. You just have to get through it. In July will be two years since I started the cessation of all corticosteroids and while I can still say I am extremely grateful for how far I've come I will also say it never ceases to surprise me or humble me. 

Murphy's Law- my neck starts oozing at opportune time when I am on a date.

Murphy's Law- my neck starts oozing at opportune time when I am on a date.

At least I slept great and it's not killing me this very second. I look back at blogs I wrote and can remember certain sentences where I would take a break to scream, cry or scratch my skin till the itch went away (it never went away). 

So writing this blog entry while waiting on my friend to get here so can go out and get lunch is huge right? The only thing constant is change itself. 

I'm back on "mend mode" and slept in today because sleep in when your body repairs itself the most, I took a 30 minute epsom soak followed by cool shower, I took cod liver oil, primrose oil, multi vitamin and probiotic with my smoothie. I am going to drink a lot of water today, definitely no alcohol and no sugar. I will follow up in a few days with an update on this random flare.