All at once

"Just don't stress out." says my Mom. Deep breath in Lisa, deep breath out. Sarcasm is a go to for those responses, I just can't help it. Some people get truly offended by my sarcasm, this one guy thought I was too passive aggressive. Get over yourself. I'm not a mean person, my sense of humor just rings in with the truth and the truth hurts.

Anyways, this flare is putting a HUGE damper on life currently. It's one thing to go through this one time but it's an entire different monster to heal and get a taste of life again just to have it return with a vengeance. I have two jobs and I am unsure about what to do when my lease is up two months. All of that becomes ten times more stressful when your skin looks like a burn victim.

So what insightful lesson do I have to insert now?

I don't. I'm all out of wisdom today. I feel exhausted, drained and like I need to refocus. Just want to spend an entire day alone in silence meditating, sleeping, journaling. No one is going to help me get out of this hole but myself. I am in charge of my feelings and my health. I finished all my paperwork here at the office and I am going to go home until I teach tonight at 6:30 and just REST.

I have decided to fast for 24 hours. I had a pear and some pumpkin seeds for breakfast this morning and I am not going to eat anything until tomorrow morning. I have read that doing fasts significantly helps with your skin and overall health.  Going to be drinking a ton of water and peppermint tea.

I'll be back tomorrow afternoon with more pictures and an update. And maybe some food for thought too ;)

-sol sister