Pay attention to habits.

The ooze is back with a vengeance. I can't remember what if anything specifically caused the ooze or if it was just another sign of deep detoxing.

It is starting to depress me again. I am paying attention to myself even more than last time and I catch myself wanting to dig a deep hole and hide out. But I can't this time, I'm not living with my boyfriend and just working at this office where no one sees me. I am teaching yoga at two places (in May) and making it an intention to create a tribe of friends that motivate, inspire and support me. I will not hide out. Perhaps the reason most people don't know about TSW is because you're so prone to hide out with this condition. Which is completely understandable, the hardest part when you get the weird stares is that no one knows what the hell it is. Furthermore, explaining it to people isn't any easier. They just want to fix the problem and tell you when their brother's roommates girlfriend did for her skin. NO ONE is the same. But I'll tell you what will still stay the same, my cessation of topical steroids. So I don't really care for anyone's advice. That's not rude to feel that way either, I've given myself permission to dismiss other's opinions about my skin journey. It gets to be too much to keep up with. 

My skin. My pain. My choice. My healing process.