After I began to prostrate.

Day 60-something of Kirtan Kriya and a week into a new meditation with my cousin. Here I sit in a coffee shop in a TANK top with no sweater and no pain. My skin isn't perfect but it's pain free and gaining softness again. The angry swollen red phase has passed for now.

Praying became essential. 
I had exhausted all avenues. I amped up the healthy food and juices, stocked up again in the good vitamins, made time to take savasana naps in the middle of my day, drank LOTS of water and then I finally fell to my knees and just prayed to God. I prayed to grant me the serenity of the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I could and the wisdom to know the difference. I cried and prayed every morning and every night. I sang chants in the car and sang chants while making breakfast. I prayed during yoga, during epsom baths, when I taught yoga, after studying, anytime I had a second I prayed. It began to feel good. I began to feel good, better. 

Just like last time I experienced healing, it happens so quickly I don't even notice at first. I become to busy taking care of my self that all of a sudden I have more time to take better care of myself because I don't spend all of it curled up in pain and fear. 

Two kinds of prostration, I have practiced both. Both have made me stronger and more resilient. 

I promise to continue to pray for myself and all beings. Especially all you warriors out there reading this. 
You are so strong for going through this, I bow to each and every one of you <3




  1. 1.

    lay oneself flat on the ground face downward, especially in reverence or submission.

    "she prostrated herself on the bare floor of the church"

    synonyms:throw oneself flat/down, lie down, stretch oneself out; 
    throw oneself (at someone's feet)
    "he prostrated himself on the altar mat"
  2. 2.
    (of distress, exhaustion, or illness) reduce (someone) to extreme physical weakness.
    "she was prostrated by a migraine that she could scarcely get up the stairs"

I will post more soon, I need to study!