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Welcome to my blog about how I find peace and health in a crazy world. 


Occasionally I have these vivid almost painful flashbacks of my skin and the pain and restriction I once felt. It usually happens right when I wake up or when I am walking to the bathroom because I would always go look at how bad I just scratched or stretched it out.

BUT, it is short lived because once I do wake up and realize I'm not in pain or I look in the mirror and see my glowing skin (not being vain, but you have to understand) I am immediately grateful once again because I made it. I healed my skin without one doctor trip (not including acupuncture from my cousin).

I constantly said in my blog I would feel stronger and more confident and that is completely true. I feel as if I have blossomed. I feel prettier on the inside and out.

If you're going through TSW and you're currently hibernating in your house because you avoid public at all costs and your arms or neck is wrapped up or maybe you're about to take an Epsom salt bath, use this time wisely to fall in love with yourself. Flaws and all, or flakes and all :) Life moves so fast, I don't have much time for baths or facial steams anymore. I'm enrolled in an online six week business course, I constantly make plans with friends, I am addicted to working out and creating new yoga sequences, I spoil myself often with pedicures and manicures and I fall asleep early any chance I get. During my TSW journey, time slowed down. I was forced to endure every single feeling and thought. I was the most present I have ever been in my life, even if I tried not to be. You are constantly present in your body because it literally hurts the whole time. Try and learn something from this, anything. Try and fall in love with yourself. Try and be as healthy as you possibly can.

I won't lie because it's blatantly obvious this wasn't easy, so yeah it was the hardest most painful thing I have ever been through and looking back at the pictures now it makes me cringe. It's starting to become just one big blur until I read past posts from my blog and remember that one day or that one flare. If you don't have a blog, I suggest you journal and get your thoughts out. Remember this time and grow from it. You get stronger every day even though it may not feel like it. You heal a little bit every day even though it probably doesn't look like it. It will be over. It will end. YOU WILL HEAL. Have faith and treat yourself good because you're all that you've got right now.

 My friend Brennan and I at the Greenbelt in Austin. I was in the sun all day, applied sunscreen, drank some beer and swam in the fresh cold water!

My friend Brennan and I at the Greenbelt in Austin. I was in the sun all day, applied sunscreen, drank some beer and swam in the fresh cold water!

 Then we proceeded to build rock towers.

Then we proceeded to build rock towers.



Requested update.

99% healed.