Things I underestimated.

So I would say I am 95% healed and I feel 100% better. I feel lighter, happier and BEAUTIFUL. I used to have confidence issues and be shy and think I wasn't that pretty. It was really annoying to feel that way too. But FUCK THAT now! I feel phenomenal. If I can get through that and complete a Kundalini Yoga Training then I can do anything I set my mind to.
But before I stray off topic, let me get back to the reason I decided to write this specific blog entry.

There were some things I definitely underestimated.

For example, sleeping naked. How liberating to just take a shower (which doesn't burn and sting and make my cry now) dry off, brush my teeth and then slip into bed and fall asleep quickly.

Secondly, I think star gazing in general is underrated. But now that my skin allows it, I love looking up at the stars at night. I have an app that you can discover what constellations you are looking at by pointing you camera at it. It's engrossing to spend my night outside staring at the stars and the moon.

Dancing. Sounds obvious but when's the last time you danced when you were going through TSW? It feels so good to just feel the rhythm and be present in your own body and NOT BE IN PAIN doing it. Being in public and dancing is even better too. And dancing with someone in public is about as good as it gets.

Which leads me to my last thing I have completely underestimated and almost even took for granted. Being in public and being around people and just hanging out with friends. We are social creatures and we thrive on interaction. Laughing with someone until your stomach hurts is absolutely priceless. Meeting new people is always an adventure. Even just running at Town Lake again with my dog and people watching is intoxicating to me. Being in the city I love again and being a part of it and feeling healthier every single day will never ever get old again.

I am so utterly happy right now it's almost stupid.

I promise that when things get better after your TSW journey, your life will be amazing. The grass looks greener, flowers look brighter, smiling feels better than it ever has and the possibilities of what you can do now seem endless.

There is no doubt in my mind that this was a blessing in disguise and it has taught me so much.
I want to be there for anyone else going through this, so if you have any questions comments or just want to chat, please feel free to comment below or email me :)

I will post pictures this weekend!