Eight Months. Never thought this day would come.

So a lot has been going in my social life I haven't wanted to write anything on here.
I will say my skin has improved quite a bit, may not look like it but it feels a lot better.
Here are the big things I think have really helped

1. Probiotic with every meal

2. Apple Cider Vinegar drink once a day before lunch

3. Baths anytime I want (long story as to why that wasn't available before)

4. Working out

I have been really strict about following all these things. I take an Epsom salt bath probably 2-3 times a week now and do some type of work out every day; running, yoga or weights. Also when I do take showers, I take extremely quick cold showers. It boosts your immune system and increases circulation.

I skipped this month of training in Santa Fe to save money and I needed a break. It's a lot to fly every single month and it's a lot of money.

This past month has actually been really crazy and of course, the skin issue is always the cherry on top of everything.
I can proudly say that I know I am a strong woman. And everyone else that goes through this skin journey is strong too, because life is hard enough as it is.