I know I said no more alcohol...but now I really mean it!

My liver and skin are NOT ready to drink even a couple bloody Mary's on super bowl Sunday.

My neck and forehead went into a red oozy flare the night after and I had a headache from Hades. I took a bath last night but the itch was even worse after, I have learned that when my skin becomes this finicky and angry that I need to let it be. Completely leave it alone (good thing I cant scratch because it's painful to the touch anyways) no HLA lotion, no DSS baths, no apple cider vinegar toner, nada. Instead this is the time to focus on eating tons of greens and drinking lots of water and herbal teas. No more sugar till this subsides and I am starting a week of drinking ACV water in the mornings to alkalize my body.

This is also the time to relax and renew. Avoid stress at all costs and just be happy despite this shitty situation.
At least when I flare, I don't go blind or become paralyzed. I know that's an extreme example but it's true. I could have it a lot worse. Instead I just have really embarrassing red tight excruciating skin that IS NOT permanent. This is only a season in my life; a very long sad winter that will only bring a warm sunny springtime :)


February 3rd, 2015. Eight days shy of seven months.  

February 3rd, 2015. Eight days shy of seven months.  

I remembered that every flare is a healing crisis, my body is constantly trying to heal itself. With each flare, it gets stronger and more resilient. I get a little bit more humble and yet confident at the same time.

Till next time.