Requested update.

I have received a few requests to do another update with my 95% healed skin. It was at just the right time too because I had recently started to flare up again due to eating habits and indulging in one too many libations. I am taking a three week break from alcohol (until Halloween, it's been a week thus far) and I have already noticed a difference in my mood, my bags under my eyes and the redness of my skin.

So the pictures above are before my 40 minute very warm (not hot) Dead Sea Salt bath. Since a lot of what's left is on my neck and face I lay down in the bath with my stomach down so I can keep my face and cheeks in the water. After any sea salt or Epsom salt bath, I always rinse off with cold water. I didn't used to do that until I noticed a difference that it would aggravate my skin to not rinse off, it made it itch more.

There isn't too much of a drastic difference but the itch has gone down and the flakiness and redness have gone down too. I'm also still taking 1500 mg of primrose oil daily along with a probiotic and turmeric. The primrose oil helps with inflammation, improves your skin and hair health overall. It can also help with PMS symptoms. I still take a turmeric supplement daily to help with the pain, the inflammation and my joints for my yoga practice. The probiotic is the one where I noticed the biggest difference in my overall health. I think I just have a very sensitive digestive system and gut and probiotics help balance that out which in turn helps my skin as well.

Also, I know I have said this before but sometimes I even need to be reminded of it....DRINK MORE WATER!!
My skin literally almost glows when I drink enough water (2 liters a day). I bought a Nalgene liter reusable water bottle and make sure I drink at least two a day and some type of herbal tea; green tea, peppermint (my favorite), sleepytime, chamomile, dandelion root or yogi tea. are all teas that never aggravated my skin while it was at it's worst.

I am excited for cold weather coming up because when my skin used to get really hot, I would take a bath and then go stand outside in the cold and it felt so so good on my skin. Interested to see if that is still the same now that I'm better. Regardless, it could possibly still help one of yall who get super hot or extra itchy after the bath. The cold weather helps calm it down.

So that's it for my update. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me. I am considering doing a vlog update one of these days but don't know how useful that would be to all ya'll considering my skin is basically healed. Let me know though if you're interested!

Happy healing :)