The Velveteen Rabbit

Reasons why going through TSW during Winter is good.

1. Stepping outside in the cold weather after a hot bath completely takes away any itching or stinging. It's also extremely good for your circulation.

2. Hot soups and hot teas are the bees knees. Soup is easy to digest, which means less work for your digestive system and it's an easy way to get in your veggies. I personally hate salads in the winter... Hot teas ( I drink this year round, but it's quite comforting in the winter ) contains healthy herbs and spices and creates an aromatherapy experience while your drinking it. I also hold my neck and face over a steaming cup of tea for some hydration to my skin; especially when I am drinking chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is great topically for your skin, reduces inflammation, heals burns and moisturizes your skin with strong anti-oxidants.

3. Long sleeves. It would suck to have dealt with this during summer with 100 degree weather. Instead, it's truly refreshing to walk outside when it's cold and crisp outside. I can wear long sleeves, scarfs and beanies to help hide my skin when it acts out.

The only downfall... sunshine. There is a lack of sunshine during this season and that has always killed me. I absolutely LOVE the sun and sunshine is actually great for your skin. It helps us produce our own cortisol which fights inflammation, it cures depression, it boost your immune system and it even increases oxygen in our blood!

My skin has been slowly improving steadily lately. No fallbacks or flares yet. I know everyone says they have one last big flare before they are done with this burden but I am hoping I already had that last flare maybe...

Again, I can't stress how much my meditation practice has helped me. I also do a meditation with Haarlem for healing (: I think he just likes me singing to him.


This journey has made me more real than I ever wanted to be. But now I wouldn't never have it any other way. I love myself exactly the way I am.

PS. I brought in the new year with 108 TRADITIONAL SUN SALUTIONS. I am super sore, but super proud of myself!  I started my year off with self-discipline and strong willpower :)