Moisturizer Withdrawal

I have been reading a lot about "moisturizer withdrawal". Apparently a doctor in Japan suggests not using any moisturizers during this healing process. He says that wiping off oozing or picking scabs could be your bodies natural moisturizer. It is considered "essential" rather than "encouraged" in his instructions to heal. Another blogger even went as far to say he healed significantly faster because of it. Our skin has been through so much from topical steroids, why continue to put foreign chemicals onto our skin? I think it should have a chance to breathe, try to naturally heal and form it's protective scab and then underneath it all; heal much faster. 

So here I am, two days in with only applying a thin layer of almond oil after every bath/shower, completely nothing today and as much as much as my skin looks way worse. It doesn't burn or look completely raw everywhere and when I scratch, it doesn't immediately ooze. It seems much stronger and resilient. The uncomfortableness is merely because my skin is tight, if I don't purposely stretch and rip it then there isn't any significant pain like before. 

Granted like I said it does look WAY WORSE. It's almost as if it's a new challenge in my journey. I already have been just getting by with minimal trips into public but right as I'm about to embark on my trip to Santa Fe, I discover something that could accelerate my healing but turn me in a monster for about 2-3 weeks before drastic improvement?

We'll see how I feel this Thursday when I leave....

It makes sense. Constantly adding moisturizer to damaged weak skin will only make it believe it doesn't need to make any natural oils of it's own. I will start drinking lots more water and I ordered flax oil to take internally along with evening primrose oil everyday!