If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.

So the rash that was spreading down my chest and up my arms has slowly dissipated. The original eczema still exists. Still aggravating me and stealing my precious hours of sleep.

But first, let me entertain you with how my first morning after a day of COMPLETELY NO SUGAR went. Woke up late, real late. I woke up around 1 pm and started to take the dogs outside, I'm walking downstairs and it hits me. I feel dizzy, shaky, nauseous and the sunlight is giving me an immediate headache. I let them out and rush to the couch to just throw my weak body on it. HOLY SHIT. What's going on? I have cotton mouth, I'm starving for a banana or just a spoonful of honey or both! All I can think of is something with sugar in it. I finally muster up the strength to feed the dogs and make some turkey bacon that I took right away upstairs to bed and ate breakfast in bed, in the dark.

After that, I slept for two more hours until Gio and Greg woke me up asking if I wanted to go out to eat with them. I have currently retired the make up bag for now because it's too hard to keep up with my skin so it wouldn't take me long to "get ready". I got up (as fast as I could) put a bra on, tied my shirt up and threw on some high waisted shorts and slipped on my Birkenstocks. Thank goodness I live in Austin. I went downstairs and made my ACV drink and had that on the way to Benji's. During lunch I was thinking to myself, I'm over summer. I didn't get to enjoy it the way I would of wanted to. Barely went swimming, didn't bring out the tank tops, blah blah blah. I'm sick of the harsh heat and I'm ready for cool weather, leggings, beanies and cute sweaters. On a side note, I am definitely buying a humidifier for my house when winter starts.

The day was really exhausting overall. Everything made me tired, even taking a bath. I even went out that night with Gio and an old friend of his from high school. The highlight of my night was the fajitas with guacamole I got to enjoy. I left downtown early and on the ride home started to dread the process of putting myself to sleep. I have so much trouble falling asleep, it's like right when I lay in bed my skin starts itching the most. They say the itching is a sign of healing, but I'm sure my healing is halted every time I scratch again.

Anyways, so far so good. I will keep up with no processed sugar or starches but I had to cave to one serving of fruit a day. Berries or green apples or grapefruits, those all have the least amount of sugar.

The ACV drink is helping a lot too. I have more energy after I drink it and it curbs cravings.