It's getting hard.

I am not even three months in and this is getting really old. I am absolutely sick of waking up everyday to swollen eyes and red raw oozy skin. It's now spread to my underarms so I have to put extra thought into what shirt I pick out so it doesn't irritate that.

This is seriously THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING in the world. I hate this. I hate steroid cream!

I just want to feel better. I want to feel healthy. I want to feel strong. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Two nights ago, my dog collapsed. Just completely lost control of his body and fell over. His eyes were open but he was not responsive. I rushed him to the vet and they did tons of blood work and no answers. I thought he had heartworm so he was tested and that came back negative. Then we thought it was an intestinal parasite but that came back negative as well. As much as that's good news, it's also left me wondering what the heck happened to my boy. Considering all I do now is stay home or go to work, Haarlem is one of my best friends. That may sound pathetic but I don't even care. I love my dogs like children and the other night FREAKED me out. Watching him extra carefully lately. I don't want him eating anything or passing out again and me not notice. This has kept me somewhat preoccupied from my skin. I suppose I could use new "at home" hobbies. Maybe I'll knit Haarlem a sweater. Haha


Hopefully my trip to Santa Fe will bring some life back into me. My soul is growing weary and my hope for clear skin is becoming distracted by new red bumps and rashes that keep popping up.

Info on what I'm going through helps me.