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Welcome to my blog about how I find peace and health in a crazy world. 

Pushed towards your furthest corners.



Here is just a little update on my skin. It's been extremely hard to sleep at night and my neck is "oozy" at night. Benedryl only helps so much. I have to lay a towel over my pillow to prevent it from getting nasty. Looking at the ITSAN website always makes me feel better to see other people's journey from healing from topical steroids.

Gio and I watched a movie last night called Frank. It was weird but pretty good. It was about this neat band and the lead singer always wore a fake head. This keyboardist joined the band and began blogging about everything and at one point in the movie said that everyone in life needs some experience of being pushed to their furthest corners. That this is where they find themselves and become stronger. I immediately thought of myself and what I am going through. I am being pushed towards my furthest corners, to the limit. I am learning so much about myself and what I am truly grateful for and I am also learning how to stay positive and calm every day despite waking up to red burning itchy skin.


What I'm going to do when I'm healed.