Five days after the flare.

I ran off to Smithville for the weekend to rest and recuperate. It felt great to be in a house where it didn't feel awkward to go downstairs, where I didn't feel like I constantly had to be cleaning and where anyone goes when they're sick; to their Mommas.

So this picture is only four days after the flare! Swelling has finally gone down, still swollen on my elbows though. The itching mostly went away during the horrible flare up, I only felt pain and uncomfortable from swelling. But now the itching is slowly creeping back which is fine because I know this a process, a cycle if you will. And each time hopefully the cycle gets shorter and less problematic.

During my flare, I continued with my no dairy no gluten no sugar diet except for fruit now. I enjoyed pears and strawberries because they don't have a lot of sugar. I rested and watched movies, did restorative yoga (lots of twists and forward folds to aid with detoxing and digestion), meditated a lot and I TRIED to sleep as much as I could. I also hung out with my good and trustworthy friend Ben Edryl. My parents cooked great meals, tuna steak, grilled chicken salad, buckwheat pancakes with almond butter, veggie kabobs and garden salads. It really helps being around people you feel comfortable around and whom love you. Gio even asked off work Saturday to help take care of me and just hang out, it was actually a really nice night and got my mind off my skin.

Oh and I drank probably 3 liters of water a day on top of my herbal teas! Water helps for sure.