I will go anywhere as long as it's forward!

I came home yesterday to a spectacular house! Clean, organized, ALL my laundry was done and Gio with a smile on his face. I was so astonished and happy.
THEN.... he did my meditation with me :) I am doing my 40 day meditation and I chose the Kirtan Kriya. I am currently only five days in so far and just barely starting to notice the benefits from it. I'm glad Gio was curious enough to try, he did the entire 11 minutes with me and seemed to enjoy it.
Afterwards, my Dad came over and we went to a Hatha yoga class at Black Swan. He was a bit out of practice and afterwards told me he wants to start doing that once a week! It made him realize how frustrated he has been lately and also reminded him how much he loves yoga. I also started tearing up in pigeon; tears of joy. I was genuinely happy to be able to still practice yoga despite everything with my skin. Yoga brings me home to myself.

It gets better.
After yoga, we grabbed juice at Whole Foods.

I then came home to dinner on the motha fuckin table cooked by Giovanni!

Consequently I proceeded to say grace before devouring my rice and vegatables and apologized to God for cursing him that very morning... I had an extremely difficult morning and yelled and screamed the entire way to work out of pure frustration.
"Why me?!!?!?" "You're punishing me!" "It hurts so bad, I can't take it anymore" you get the idea...

God, the universe, the Divine, whatever you want to call it; it works in mysterious ways.

Every obstacle is a lesson. Throughout life's difficulties you have to keep coming back to yourself over and over again. Don't lose yourself. Don't let someone else drive the bus of your life. You are in control. You must learn to respond rather than react to everything.

So what healed me on the inside and out yesterday was

a. a TON of herbal allerg-ease tea & liver strengthening tea
b. a dead sea salt bath at my parents for my lunch break & lunch with my Mom
c. Gio being wonderful
d. my dad being awesome
e. my meditation
g. finishing up almost all my homework for teacher training! (feeling accomplished)
h. going to bed with a grateful attitude & getting a good nights rest

My skin isn't that much better today, but what matters is I feel much better today.
Change your thoughts and feelings and the rest will follow.