Bring your brooms, it's a mess!

My house is a mess. Mostly with my stuff, just tons of books and clothes and shoes and vitamins and skin care stuff. I need to de-clutter today after work, I will fill up a box of things for Goodwill.
Then I can get one last donation in before I do my taxes this year.

I'm sure it aggravates Gio that my stuff is in disarray; but honestly I have too much going on in my head right now to worry about upsetting anyone else.

My skin has been feeling better lately. What I eat definitely affects it. I have been cutting down on sugar, no dairy at all and no wheat or gluten. The itch is down to 50% from when it was absolutely horrible. The redness is slowly going down, along with the swelling. The last thing to go will most likely be the dryness and flakey skin.

I woke up with slightly red eyeballs. I don't know what could of caused that...

I woke up with slightly red eyeballs. I don't know what could of caused that...

I have also been getting better at not scratching it to a bloody mess. Instead, I softly scratch or rub circles.

Mental affirmations have been helping too--

I have beautiful radiant skin.
I am strong.
I love myself no matter what.
I am courageous.

I am on day 30 of my 40 day meditation! I say those affirmations before every meditation or when I start feeling itchy and want to scratch my skin.

I have been taking an Epsom salt bath EVERY DAY. That's really been speeding up the healing too I think. I took a break from Hatha yoga just because I have been busy with holidays and family time and trying to increase my meditation practice.

Next week I intend to take a yoga class everyday! Kundalini or Hatha.