Happy Holidays!

Christmas this year was beautiful at my house, my Mom makes our house look like something out of a magazine. It's filled with cheer and every night there is a Christmas movie on. 

I loved Gio being with us and my family loves him more than anything too. We sang karaoke last night till our throats hurt, it was the most fun I have had in a while. 

Despite all our differences between my family and me, I still truly enjoyed being home for the holidays. My Dad and brother make little jabs and jokes about my new lifestyle with yoga and meditating, but it's bothering me less and less. Eventually they will see the benefits it's giving me as a whole. I still love them no matter what they do, or worship or practice. 

My skin looked great and the itch was down to a minimum... until I had cheese. We have a tradition of making pizza's Christmas Eve night and even though I used goat cheese, it still brought on an itching spell that prevented me from falling to sleep easily. I will say things are much better than they used to be and when my skin does start to itch or ooze, it's about 60% less  than what it was at months 1-4. 

But I have noticed a direct correlation between dairy and itchiness/ooziness. Those are connected because when it itches that bad, I can't help but scratch just a little and then it never dries into a scab, it just oozes all night. So, no more dairy for a while. Not really worth it. 
I also had a good amount of sugar which I had been doing really good on and that just makes it hard to sleep in general. 

On a different note, my Mom got me a sugar free cookbook for Christmas! I'm excited to start using it. Gio brought up a good point that I used to cook more often and I don't anymore, I need to start.
Honestly I haven't really been eating meat either since I found out in training how hard it is for our bodies to digest. Considering my gut and liver are already working overtime to heal my skin, I don't really want to eat meat for a while. The only meat I do eat is fish which is much easier to digest and it's really good for my brain and skin. 

I am also now taking aloe vera daily and administering it to Haarlem.  The benefits are immense! 
It helps your body absorb nutrients better, helps your skin, your gut, your allergies and boosts your immune system. We take a capful before every meal. 
Doesn't really taste that bad at all, just a little bitter. Like pickle juice. 


Photo on 12-26-14 at 4.11 PM #2.jpg

It's still slightly uncomfortable and awkward for me to be in public, but I have to be thankful that it has improved so much. I don't feel crazy at night when I can't sleep, my skin doesn't burn anymore and my edema in my face is basically gone. The puffy eyes have subsided as of the last week. 

Thank the lord!!