Dreary day.

It's a rainy dark cold day today and work is extra boring. On the bright side, I brought lunch and a smoothie so I don't have to leave for lunch.

Working in front of a computer is a blessing and a curse sometimes. I spend too much time on Pinterest looking at fitness and beauty inspiration but I'm beginning to realize it's not always that inspiring. It's a bit disheartening when I am in the condition I'm in.

I woke up with an oozy cheek stuck to the pillow, a dry tight cracked neck that was painful to begin to move. I wrapped my left arm last night to allow for some healing and it was itching like crazy right when I woke up. It's insane the amount of time I spend tending to my skin.

I really need to finish my homework for Teacher Training. I need to keep myself preoccupied in general and stop gawking at girls I can't be right now while I pick at my skin.


I questioned my blog yesterday when Gio made a joking snide remark about it. I know he means well, but lately I am so sensitive to everything. I feel as if I'm trying really hard to heal and be positive and that's when I struggle the most. I'm tired of continuously venting to my Mom and friend Haley, I'm sure it's exhausting for them to hear how I'm in constant pain. So I'm not really doing this blog for anyone else to follow, even though I would hope it reaches out to at least one person and helps them through this journey. But I am blogging to vent for my own sake. Posting pictures of my nasty skin progress so I can look back and be grateful for how far I have come.