With each flare...

With each flare I get a little bit more humble. Right when I started to having more confidence about going out into public, my neck skin stiffened up and cracked and oozed. I would say the pain is 50% less though which is great; doesn't mean it doesn't hurt but I'm not in tears at least. Maybe I'm just getting stronger too, let's hope it's a little bit of both.

I am more grateful for this healing process because each flare is less intense than the last in one way or another.

I learn something new with each flare, such as with this one I learned that leaving band aids on for longer than 12 hours is very bad. The skin underneath was very soft and delicate which isn't good when it starts itching and I scrape off the top layer :( I couldn't help it!

But with each flare I also learn to manage my stress that much better. And sometimes I manage stress with chocolate, so if I am already in a flare and having a crappy day I am not holding back from enjoying that almond milk chocolate pudding I hid in the back of the fridge from Gio. Lol.