New house. New car. New beginnings.

How is it even possible I was driving my car around with a broken back axle? Literally right up until I move do I find out I need a new car. It's very exciting to have so many new surroundings lately, first with Santa Fe, then the new house and now I'll be getting a new car.

Last thing left to change is me. It's time to stop acting so sick and lazy and wake up. I need to start getting 40 hours or more a week at AJI, which means getting here at 8 am. I did it this morning, got here at 7:45. Last night I set everything out, my clothes to wear, made Haarlems breakfast, made my smoothie, packed a lunch and set out all my vitamins. It was nice to wake up to. If I have a hard time falling asleep anyways, I might as well take my time and make my mornings easier.

I absolutely love waking up in our new house. Gio basically set up everything in the house, hung up all the pictures, organized the yoga room and put our bed together <3 It means a lot to me to be in this house that Gio set up and essentially put his love and energy into. It's very comforting and cozy. I like Greg too, he's easy to be around. If that makes sense. I don't feel obligated to be anything different or like I'm intruding when I hang out in the living room when he's watching his football. I kind of like football being on the TV, makes me feel like I am at home with my parents.

Last night I was texting my Dad and he wasn't sure if I should continue with this training in Santa Fe. It made me question my intention. Should I be spending money every month on flying to New Mexico for a yoga training? Well let's see. What do I want to do with my life??

Own a wellness studio that offers vinyasa, hatha and kundalini yoga with a small spa on the side. Pretty sure I need this training in order to complete that.

Yeah, it's going to be really fucking hard for the next couple years when it comes to money. But I will find a way just like I always do. If I can get through topical steroid withdrawal, then I deserve to go through kundalini training with my family. I need direction in my life and discipline. This training will offer that.

List time! I love making lists, so here is a new list of things I need to work on or change...

1. Getting to work at 8AM; which requires setting up everything up for my morning the night before.

2. Meditating and practicing yoga every. single. day. No excuses, I literally have a mini yoga studio in my new house. (pictures soon)

3. Eating healthy. Cut down on sugar

4. Sunday Runday. Every Sunday, start running again. Preferably with Meeko, or Haarlem once he's better.  

That's it for now. Here are some pictures of the slow progress...

After ACL. 10.10.14

After ACL. 10.10.14